Oleodinamica 2000
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Authorized distributor Parker Hannifin Corp
Oleodinamica 2000 S.a.s. is equipped in order to develop independently the different phases of planning, production and commercialization of its own products. Adequate assistance is guaranteed to all clients, in order to tackle and solve all technical problems related to installation and employment as to meet all specific needs.
We are able to supply in about 30 days from order date the products from our production range, while for the commercialized products delivery is almost immediate, if stocked in the warehouse, or in alternative delivery time may vary from 15 to 40 days from order date.
Since 1994 we have been mainly operating in the following 3 strategic areas
Planning and realization of oleodynamic systems
We take care ourselves of the study, planning and realization of oleodynamic systems being an integrative part of machinery in various industrial fields (sheet metal, building or ceramic industry, machine tool, aviation field, etc...).

Starting from the data of the machine (working schedule) we develop a preliminary diagram, which we submit to the client for approval and consequently we develop the offer.
Once the approval has been received, we develop the definite diagram which we use both for the manufacturing of framing and power unit.
Painting shall be consequent and it shall be carried out at a nearby duly equipped painting workshop. Testing and development of the introduction, use and maintenance handbook with correlated testing certificate and constructor declaration pursuant to Machine Directive 98/37CEE shall take place afterwards.
Authorized distributor PARKER HANNIFIN products
HTC and authorized distributor for the oleodynamic field of the company PARKER HANNIFIN S.p.A. for the provinces of Varese, Novara and Verbania.

The represented products refer to industrial components, such as hydraulic motors, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, and filtering products, traditional and proportional valves.

For more information on the PARKER HANNIFIN products, check the website www.parker.com.
Planning and manufacturing of oleodynamic manifolds
We plan and manufacture oleodynamic manifolds both for internal use and for third parties, their planning or study is carried out by using CAD/CAM software and for the production both CNC machines or other CNC machineries such as (grinding and milling machines, radial drilling machines, etc. )

For the production of oleodynamic intermediate forgings various materials may be used, according to the technical characteristics of the plant such as hydraulic cast iron G25, aluminium (ERGAL, ANTICORODAL, AVIONAL) or C30 or C45 SVN steel.